Summer Newsletter 2019

Welcome to the summer edition of our Newsletter. Please see below for articles in our Newsletter.

Laura Forward joins the Meridian Ag team

Meridian Agriculture is delighted to introduce Laura Forward to all clients, past and present. Laura is a Pasture & Livestock Consultant based at the Casterton office and will be overseeing our pasture trials as well as working individually with clients in the...
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Business Benchmarking – why aren’t we all doing it?

Comparing your business figures with another business, or indeed an entire group of businesses can be an extremely daunting experience. Yet we know from what producers tell us, the experience can be highly rewarding and in many cases will lead to significant impacts...
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Regenerative Ag – Have we been doing it wrong?

There has been a lot of publicity recently in the media about “Regenerative Agriculture” and how this is the way that we all need to be farming. There are many definitions available to us outlining what Regenerative Agriculture is, but generally the aim is to...
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Pasture Trial Network

If your business hasn’t starting planning already, over the next couple of months it’s time to be thinking about what pastures and varieties you plan to sow. To help aid this decision making process, the Pasture Trial Network (PTN) on-line tool and the results...
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