Winter Newsletter 2019

Welcome to the winter edition of our Newsletter. Please see below for articles in our Newsletter.

Livestock Consulting Internship

Over the last two years, Meridian Agriculture has managed the Livestock Consulting Internship as part of Meat and Livestock Australia’s investment into capacity building for the future. The two year program focused on ten graduate consultants from across Australia...
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Feed Budgeting

It is always interesting to reflect on different management practices used by mixed farming businesses. What’s used? Why is it used? Potential benefits of use? And in some instances, why is it not used more often? Feed budgeting is a tool and skill that is in use, but...
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Winter is coming

Now is the time to set up pastures for winter and spring. While seasonal conditions have been mild and many areas have had a break at the beginning of May, maximising winter feed on offer is still the key to good animal performance. Most areas ended up reasonably bare...
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Is Land too costly?

As the price of land continues to rise many clients feel caught in a bind. Declining terms of trade and inflation combined with stalled or negative total factor productivity continue to erode profits.  Land looks too dear to purchase, but in many cases it will be...
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