Spring Newsletter 2018

Welcome to the spring edition of our Newsletter. Please see below for articles in our Newsletter.

Livestock Consulting Internship Update

Meridian Agriculture is proud to be partnering with the MLA Donor Company in running the second Livestock Consulting Internship. A recent off site retreat was held in Victoria, with a focus on developing  range of consulting skills. A number of Meridian Ag staff along...
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Informed Decision Making – Budgets – “Tips and Tricks”.

The last newsletter featured an article describing some of the benefits of using budgets to assist informed decision making. Initially budgets can seem daunting, however, there are some simple tips and tricks to help make the process easier. The use of Excel...
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Managing staff leading up to the busy season

It is often late in the year that we see a flurry of activity on farms, including shearing and harvesting in many of our clients businesses. At the end of a long year and with Christmas in sight, it is often a time where people can feel stretched and stressed....
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Seasonal Update

Seasonal conditions remain extremely difficult in several regions of Victoria. South West Victoria is really the only exception at present, where most parts have received close to average winter and early spring rainfall and are now in a position to use available soil...
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Lucerne – Spring and summer grazing management

Different strategies and focus should be applied to lucerne pastures across different seasons and variation in seasonal conditions.  This includes shortening rotations to maximise yield and animal performance in spring and summer months as opposed to longer rotations...
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