Are you ready for the coming Spring?

With an Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) positive spring predicted for southern Australia what do we need to consider?

In IOD positive years the balance is very firmly skewed towards average or below average rainfall outcomes in many parts of Victoria. Thankfully some of Victoria currently have good soil moisture profiles which will give some buffer for the likely dryer than average conditions this spring.

The map below shows the September – November rainfall probabilities for IOD positive years.

Key: Wetter     Average     Drier                                                                                                       Source: Agriculture Victoria

With the likelihood of average or below average rainfall spring what needs be considered?

  1. Consider urea on good pastures to produce more dry matter with the same rainfall.
  2. Calculate water required for stock on hand until next June.
  3. Evaluate stored water on farm and see if storages can be topped up
  4. Investigate and plan to use water saving technologies such as Water Guard™ by Aquatain.
  5. Plan fodder conservation to be earlier i.e. shut up paddocks earlier.
  6. If planting spring/summer fodder crops, conserve moisture by spraying out existing pasture and sow as soon as conditions allow.
  7. Ensure worm control and other animal constraints are kept to a minimum so that livestock put on the most weight for the pastures on offer.
  8. Monitor and weigh stock regularly so that they can be marketed appropriately.
  9. Evaluate whether stock should be sold as stores or fattened

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