The RIRDC Report “Tax In Agriculture” is interesting and thought provoking reading for anyone who has an interest in Australian Agriculture.

The authors (Jonathan Forest and Su McCluskey) have conducted a methodical review and provided thoughtful and useful commentary on the full range of State and Commonwealth taxes and their impact on agricultural industries

The report has unashamedly been framed in terms of the desirable outcomes for the agricultural sector and how Australia’s regulatory environment, specifically the tax system, helps or hinders the sector in achieving these outcomes.

In researching the report the authors reviewed a selection of submissions (all of which focused on the agricultural sector) to the Australian Governments White Paper process. The authors also considered other work including the Henry Review of Taxation and information from ABS and ABARES. The report incorporated proposals announced in the 2016 Federal Budget.

The report is well indexed and the Executive Summary is clear and concise. For each of the issues examined there is useful background information and commentary on measures that facilitate industry investment and measures that impede industry investment.

The report also has a useful table which shows, the area of impact / Taxation, options for consideration and the purpose.

If you read this report you will be well informed and be able to participate in meaningful discussions about the whole issue of taxation. You may even be able to lobby your local member.

The report, RIRDC Publication No 16/019 of RIRDC Project No 010394 is available on line at: www.rirdc.gov.au