We are working with the Sheep CRC to validate the capacity of the ASKBILL model to predict carcase weight on a mob basis. Factors such as pasture quality, productive stage, dry matter availability, rainfall, lamb weights and soil nutrition are taken into account and have been measured from weaning till slaughter of the lambs. Carcase traits were gathered after slaughter including hot carcass weight and GR tissue depth.

The ASKBILL program uses on-farm data combined with climate data from the Bureau of Meteorology (B.O.M.) to provide alerts for different welfare, pasture availability and weather extremes to be aware of.  Additionally, future production targets can be set which can include availability of the pasture, target condition score and weight. ASKBILL alerts the user ahead of time if they will not reach a production target, so that an alternative management strategy can be implemented.

We welcome enquiry from producers who would like to trial ASKBILL on farm. Please contact Jim Shovelton via 03 5341 6100. We have consultants available to help you get started with this program.


Photo: Meridian Ag’s Jade Chan with Johnnie Gardiner and Laura Kemmis

Article by Jade Chan