Meridian Agriculture is delighted to introduce Gilles Clarisse to our clients and industry as a Recruitment Advisor. Based at our Yendon office, Gilles has been with Meridian since September 2018 and has been working with clients on their staffing needs. Into the future, Gilles will be focused on the operations and development of our recruiting services, working both independent and with the support of Ben Reeve who has operated the recruitment service for the last 15 years. Gilles has brought a fresh approach to the company and together with Ben are looking to develop new approaches to ensuring we attract the best candidates for our clients.

Gilles brings significant experience working in recruitment and people management to Meridian Ag and has spent a few months understanding both the Meridian business and recruiting for the agricultural industry. If you are looking for an employee, Gilles can be contacted on 03 5341 6100 or via gclarisse@meridan-ag.com.au


Gilles, welcome to Meridian. Tell us about what you’ve been doing before joining the company.

I spent a little over 14 years working with a Ballarat based family business Wilsons Fruit & Vegetables, where I was a Store Manager for my last four years in the company. My primary focus in the business included recruitment and training as well as business, people and performance management.

Why did you choose to join Meridian Ag?

I have always wanted to work in the Recruitment and HR space and when the opportunity presented itself I felt that Meridian was the right career move.  Although my agricultural knowledge was minimal prior to starting, Meridian has allowed me to build on my knowledge and to further develop my transferable skills attained from my previous work experience.

You’ve been involved with recruiting staff for a long time now, what do you see as the important factors when recruiting?

For me it would be:

Building and maintaining relationships; keeping an open mind; with all things considered act fast or miss an opportunity.

In your short time working in agriculture, what do you like about the industry?

There is quite a lot to learn about the industry and people are all too happy to support and facilitate that.

Tell us about your family and three values that are important in your family life?

My wife Kara and I have two beautiful but naughty children (Giselle, 6 going on 16; Bastian, 4 going on 14).

Spend lots of time together, always be encouraging and be honest with each other as much as possible.

 What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt in life?

 Life has me taught that that you can reach the lowest point in your life and still always come out the other side, with unwavering resilience and patience.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

My favourite holiday destination is Mauritius, I have only been back once since moving from there in the early 80’s. My wife and I went on a holiday there in 2011, had a great time and would definitely go back (but not until the kids are older).

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I try to spend it to the fullest with a balance of family time, gym, running, basketball, renovating the house and a healthy dose of social gatherings.