In 2019 Meridian Ag initiated a farm management group (Feedbase Advantage) with an intentional focus on pasture availability forecasting and measuring pasture productivity at a whole-farm level. The group, consisting of five mixed-farming businesses operating in southwest Victoria, utilise the software program FARMAX which provides monthly reports on production estimates that has enabled group participants to share information and develop strategies to optimise feed usage.

For more information about the Feedbase Advantage group, including what they do and details of our Introductory Package please download our information package below.

James Whale discusses Feedbase Advantage.


We are now inviting other like minded businesses to consider joining the group. To find out more about the program and how to get involved, contact James Whale on 0428 374 046 or jwhale@meridian-ag.com.au.

Group member testimonials

Group members share a passion for productivity from pastures and the management of these systems. Testimonials from current group members are included below.

“The program allows us to put some really sound decision making and forecasts around the biggest variable in our business, which is pasture growth… Other groups have a focus on animal management or financial management, when the core of all those groups is pasture and grass growth. To me this is the first group that has really zeroed down on the thing that makes graziers the most money”.

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Anthony Close

Commercial and seedstock sheep and beef, Harrow, VIC

“Reassurance on stocking policies. Helped us make decisions on stocking numbers… We purchased 200 steers six weeks before we would have… it gives you knowledge on what your potential is”.

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David Merrin

Trade cattle and breeders,, Penshurst, VIC

“Different land classes and pasture types are being grazed more intensively now we have the confidence in the growth numbers. Knowing exactly how much grass you have and an accurate forecast has enabled the business to support a higher stocking rate more confidently.”

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James Knight

Beef Breeding and backgrounding to feeder weights, The Sisters, VIC

“Gives a clearer picture of how much grass you do grow, how much your stock consume and how to get that balance correct… A great way to learn from others and see how other people do things… Also a great way to bounce ideas off each other.”

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Mark Bunge

Wool grower, cattle trading and backgrounding, Coleraine, VIC