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Succession Planning is a process not an event

Meridian Agriculture advisors understand the difficulty of making time for succession planning and are committed to assist our clients through the process, no matter how easy or hard it might be.

Meridian Agriculture works with families to develop a plan for the future. What can this look like?

  • Clarity around who is driving the planning process
  • Individual interviews with family members
  • Close working relationships with your accountant and your solicitor
  • Development of a planning framework
  • Assessment of business viability
  • Discussion and compromise around roles, responsibilities, training needs, goals and desires
  • Plan development, review and monitoring.

For more information about Meridian Agriculture’s Succession Planning services, please download a copy of our Meridian Ag Succession Planning Flyer or visit our Family Business Succession Planning page.


Meridian Agriculture advisors understand the difficulty of making time for succession planning and are committed to assist our clients through the process, no matter how easy or hard it might be.

The majority of farmers don’t have a well documented succession plan. This leaves you open to the likelihood of a legal challenge.

A plan which exists only in your head will die with you. Plans must be well documented.

Challenging Wills is frequent, expensive and destroys families.

To explore your succession planning options from a farm management and family perspective, contact us on 03 5341 100.

Don’t assume you know what others in your family are feeling or thinking.

The majority of families have not had open and frank discussions about the future of the farm.

Holding a family meeting before you understand the hidden issues and concerns of individual family members can be very destructive.

Contact us on 03 5341 6100 or email for a free copy of our Family Succession Scorecard.

No single individual (Accountant, Lawyer, Financial Advisor, Farm Management Consultant) has all the knowledge and skills required for a successful plan. It needs a team.

Build your own team for succession, farm management, accountancy & legal issues and ensure they work as a team.

Testimonial- You set us up with a sense of achievable outcomes and I am so grateful for that attitude and framework. Your counsel was a worthwhile investment for us.

Don’t leave the succession plan until disaster strikes and a child is forced to come home.

Due to a lack of communication, a 2016 study (by Eastway Chapman & Charles Sturt University) found that 25% of survey respondents said that the process was traumatic and 20% claimed yet unresolved family issues.

Successful succession is highly unlikely without strong, positive communication between family members and from the family to external advisors.

20% of the broadacre farms in Australia will not achieve succession and a happy family unless they start to increase the size of the business now.

Don’t allow your business to carry passengers. Passengers include under utilsed people, rusting machinery, poor quality livestock and poor performing paddocks.

Testimonial- Why did you choose Mike Stephens [of Meridian Agriculture] – Experience. He’s got all the credentials and he was quite easy to work with.

Don’t tolerate poor performance. Poor performance renders successful succession highly unlikely.

Talk to our Team to discuss your business development options. Call 03 5341 6100.

Our staff are happy to chat with you about any succession planning matters, please see below for details of our succession planning advisors within the Meridian Ag Team.


Mike Stephens

Mike is the founder, a Board Director and a senior Business Advisor for Meridian Agriculture. Mike has a farm management, recruiting and a project management background. He provides advice to individual clients specialising in property assessment, succession planning, education, facilitation and industry projects. Mike is very well connected at industry level and enjoys a wide network of professional associates.

M: 0418 508 150


For more information on Mike, please visit our Meridian Ag Team page

Warren Blyth

Warren is a Senior Farm Business Advisor with Meridian Agriculture. He works closely with corporate and family farming operations in developing strategic and operational objectives, assessing business through financial analysis and budgeting. Warren has excellent project management, commercial analysis and business development skills. He also supports individuals performance through coaching. Warren sees that successful business continuation can be dependent on smooth succession.

M: 0428 508 153


For more information on Warren, please visit our Meridian Ag Team page

Paul Blackshaw

Paul is a Farm Business Advisor with Meridian Agriculture. He is a specialist in farm business economics with experience in financial analysis, benchmarking, succession planning, industry extension projects, rural financial counselling, strategic leadership and planning. Paul, in his time as a Rural Financial Counsellor, has witnessed the problems of poor succession and is keen to assist.

M: 0427 546 643


For more information on Paul, please visit our Meridian Ag Team page

Dan Korff

Dan is a Livestock Advisor at Meridian Agriculture and has a strong background in Merino production. Between 2011 and 2015 Dan managed medium to large scale livestock operations across NSW and VIC. He is highly skilled in people management, livestock production, business profitability, farm business planning and project management. Dan has a keen interest in people and that interest extends to farm succession.

M: 0447 418 485


For more information on Dan, please visit our Meridian Ag Team page

Ben Reeve

Ben is a Human Resource Advisor with Meridian Agriculture and works with producers and industry in the areas of human resource management and industrial relations. Ben has worked for Meridian Agriculture for over ten years. Ben has a strong background in skills analysis, recruitment and selection, people management, facilitation and coaching. Ben is motivated to place the right people in the right jobs at the right time. In his recruiting work with the company Ben has seen some really bad results from poor succession plans. He doesn’t want to see more.

M: 0416 127 465


For more information on Ben, please visit our Meridian Ag Team page